[Health & beauty plan] Refresh mind and body! Two day restorative tour

Two day restorative tour

Soni Village is a card-carrying member of The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan association. Here you can experience the majesty of nature in the Soni Highlands, taste food made with local ingredients as well as refresh yourself through a number of experiences unique to the local culture.

At least 2, and at most 5
Japanese / English
Normal activities
Guide included (Upgradable to a paid guide)
Tour conductor includes
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Breakfast1Times / Lunch2Times / Dinner1Times
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  • 2 people150,000
  • 3 people168,000
  • 4 people188,000
  • 5 people205,000

※Not intended for children 2 and under.


古い木造建築が印象的な名張駅西口香落渓 バス[Health & beauty plan] Refresh mind and body! Two day restorative tour

【Day 1】Take the bus from Nabari station to Soni Village (Taroji bus-stop)

Take the bus from the west exit of Nabari Station and enjoy the beautiful view of Kochi-dani from the bus window. We will send you a special round-trip bus ticket.


Arrive at Kizunano sato center

Meet your guide and we will take you to Kintsuba Shrine by car.
*Kizunano sato center is a 3 minutes walk from Taroji bus stop.


Lunch option 1: Soni Kodama Resort -Tawa-

A traditional country house renovated in a modern Japanese style. Here you can enjoy traditional o-banzai dishes prepared with local ingredients accompanied by rice cooked the old-fashioned way.

  • そに木霊リゾート垰~TAWA~Soni Kodama Resort -TAWA- (closed until end of March)

Lunch option 2: Auberge in the forest ki-ra-ra

Enjoy an elegant French meal accompanied by fantastic views from our mountain Auberge.
*Additional charge

  • きららAuberge in the forest ki-ra-ra

Lunch option 3: Farm Garden

Enjoy veggie lunch, curries, pastas, salads & soups made with plenty of seasonal vegetables.
*Additional charge

  • ファームガーデンSoni Highlands Farm Garden (Restaurant & farm shop) Closed until the end of March

Lunch option 4: 2.7 Inn

Famous for its curry and offal udon made with local fruits and vegetables. (Reservation required for vegan meals)

  • ツーセブン2.7 Inn

Lunch option 5: Hoei Inn

Very popular with locals for its delicious broth in their udon dishes (the recipe is secret!). You can also try a sashimi set meal. Enjoy the taste of old-fashioned home style seasonal cooking.

  • 4.0.1 JPRestaurant Hoei

Lunch option 6: Restaurant Doi

Featured many times on TV! Enjoy game meat prepared by local hunters.
Choose between boar, pork or chicken hotpot and BBQ.
*Additional charge

  • 土井Resturant Doi

Lunch option 7: Cafe Nekoron (Fri, Sat, Sun only)

Nestled deep in the countryside like something out a picture book is Cafe Nekoron. Tuck in to a brown rice lunch made with seasonal local produce prepared by the warm and friendly owner.

  • ねころんCafe Nekoron (Closed for Winter)

Original experience - Option 1: Tsumami craftwork

Tsumami craftwork at a village house
[Up to 4 people] Pay a visit to the house of villager and experience the traditional craft of Tsumari, the art of pinching cloth into exquisite decorations. Learn how to make a hair accessory while enjoying some healthy tea and snacks and chatting with the locals.


Original experience - Option 2: Hiking in the great Mt. Yoroi.

This is a place where you can make the most of forest bathing. Feel the mysterious power of Kintsuwa shrine and take in 360° panoramic views relax with a cup of Soni Village’s brown rice coffee (said to be good for gut health).


Original experience - Option 3: Forest bathing amongst the trees of a national park

Visit a site where a number of great hidamakigaya trees are thriving in this quasi-national park. Try Soni’s superfood, the kaya seed (sometimes called the ‘eastern almond’). Experience being surrounded by the forest and hear the stories of the local old ladies.


Original experience - Option 4: The Soni shishi lion storehouse & Kadofusa Shrine

The famous Soni Shishi Lion dance has been passed down through the generations for over three hundred years. Learn about its cultural and historical significance from a local and visit Kadofusa shrine where the dance is performed. You will visit the storehouse to see the lions themselves and the other props used in the ceremony.


Original experience - Option 5: Urushi coating experience

古事記にも登場!奥大和の秘境である日本漆業発祥の地「塗部(ぬるべ)の郷 曽爾村」で、ウルシの植栽地見学と漆塗り(お箸)の体験を通し、日本文化に触れる。





Stroll in the Soni Highlands and take in the sunset
Stroll in the Soni Highlands

Stroll in the Soni Highlands and take in the sunset
Stroll in the Soni Highlands (and learn about the local efforts to preserve the pampas grass fields, the traditional roof thatching, and the legend of O-kame pond) and enjoy the golden sunset.
*Sunset times vary according to the seasons
*In the event of rain tour may be curtailed and we will visit the visit the nearby youth nature lodge to see their exhibition space instead.


Accommodation & Dinner option 1: Auberge in the Forest ki-ra-ra

Elegant alpine French cuisine (including drinks). Choose between fish or meat main.

  • きららAuberge in the forest ki-ra-ra

Accommodation & Dinner option 2: Soni Kodama Resort -Tawa-

O-banzai style cooking made with local ingredients with rice cooked in a cats iron pot over fire.

  • そに木霊リゾート垰~TAWA~Soni Kodama Resort -TAWA- (closed until end of March)

Accommodation & Dinner option 3: Tsukihi

Get away from the daily drudge and take time to reset your body rethink your daily patterns with the scenary of Soni as a backdrop. Tsukihi also offers vegan meals, meditations or massages based on your request.

  • 月陽Tsukihi
紅葉亭4.0.1 JP

Accommodation & Dinner option 4: Kouyoutei

Relax by the murmuring stream as you take in the stunning scenery that reflects the best of the season. Enjoy a meal made with mountain vegetables or boar hot pot. This little inn is situated on the most Eastern part of Soni Village

  • 紅葉亭Kouyoutei

Accommodation & Dinner option 6: Country Guesthouse Kijiya

Take a journey back in time at this well preserved country house. Menu includes game meat hot pot

  • 古民家の宿 木治屋Country lodge Kijiya

Accommodation & Dinner option 5: 2.7 Inn

Game meat or water-based pot hot, curry made with local vegetables and fruits etc.

  • ツーセブン2.7 Inn

Accommodation & Dinner option 7: Hoei Inn

Udon made with a secret broth recipe! Sashimi meals

  • 4.0.1 JPRestaurant Hoei

Hot Spring bath

Rated best hot spring in west Japan. Perfect for washing away the sweat and exhaustion of the day. The water in the outdoor baths and the cold water baths makes the skin silky soft to boot.
*To avoid crowding in the bath house you may be asked to wait before entry.


Day 2
Experience option 1: Soni spinach harvesting

There may be changes to what will be harvested depending on the season


Experience option 2: Soni komatsu harvesting

There may be changes to what will be harvested depending on the season


Experience option 3: Seasonal baby leaves harvesting

Mizuna, red mizuna, green mustard, red mustard, rocket, etc.


Cooking experience option 1: Healthy cooking with konyaku feat. Soni Village mothers

Learn to cook the local way using prize-winning rice, hand made konnyaku and local vegetables.

  • katteSoninowa Kitchen katte

Cooking experience option 2: Spicy healthy vegan cooking (Additional charge +2000JPY/group)

Vegan food, homemade chai tea, Sabji made with seasonal vegetables, bean curry.

  • katteSoninowa Kitchen katte

Cooking experience option 3: former washoku chef’s anchovy and spinach rice flour pasta.

(Tues, Wed, Fri, Sun only) In order to reduce food waste we use tomatoes and spinach that were not quite perfect enough for market but still great tasting and locally produced.

  • katteSoninowa Kitchen katte


Lunch will be the resulting dishes of your cooking experience.

  • katteSoninowa Kitchen katte

End the tour at Kizunano sato center

Take the bus back from Taroji bus-stop to Nabari station

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