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Traditional urushi plant dyeing experience & the urushi plantation

Sustainable workshop using the rare lacquer chips grown in Soni

[Urushi dyeing experience + planting site tour] Dye your own unique handkerchief using the rare lacquer(urushi) woold chips that grown in Soni.
You can learn about the urushi history and texhniques used for gathering urushi saps.

Visit the urushi painter's workplace and the urushi tree plantation.
*Visiting sites will defer depending on the day.

* Since urushi dying uses natural plants, the color that comes out may differ slightly depending on the person. Please enjoy the fun of the pure natural dyes and the taste of individual differences.
(When you take your work home on the day, we will hand it in a plastic bag)

◎ About clothes to wear during the workshop
・ Please wear clothes that can get dirty (please try to avoid white clothes). Long sleeves and long pants are recommended.
・ Please avoid heels and wear comfortable shoes. (If you would like to, please use a room to change your clothes before visiting the plantation area)

◎ Bringing your own cloth
We will prepare handkerchiefs or cloths for dying. Please contact us if you wish to bring it in your original cloth (the amount of dyeing liquid will vary depending on the size of the cloth that fits in the pot and the number of participants).

All seasons
At least 2, and at most 5
Japanese / English
Grouped price


  • 2 people21,600
  • 3 people26,400
  • 4 people31,200
  • 5 people36,000


ねんりんねんりん- 漆染めねんりん

Dying workshop

Start from choosing your favorite cloth.
Dip the cloth several times in the lacquer dyeing solution made by boiling the lacquer chips. You can take your work home by the end of the workshop.

* Our staff member will explain the history of lacquer and about the process of collecting lacquer.
* Depending on the schedule, you can also visit the Nurube no Sato Lacquer Studio and the lacquer planting area.


Visit the urushi tree plantation

As the birthplace of Japanese natural lacquer, Soni Village is putting a lot of effort into reviving the urushi industry. Currently the village is recreating the urushi forests and every year another 200 trees are planted. We will explain to you the whole process from the planting to the raw urushi harvesting right to the final urushi lacquering.


Tour inside the urushi workplace

Soni Village's special product, lacquer ware "Leaf TRAY", is made by local volunteers who spend their time and effort in manufacturing.
Handmade in all 88 steps, you can see the workplace.


Urushi Base Soni NENRIN

Based in a renovated country house Urushi Base Soni Nenrin is at the center of the village’s urushi revitalization efforts.
You can also purchase products from Nurube no Sato Urushi Kobo. Ideal as gifts or souvenirs.

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