Art & Culture

Tsumami craftwork experience


Try the delicate and beautiful craft of fabric pinching in the relazing atmosphere of a country house away and make your origina; Kimono hair accessary or broach.

*The venune may change depending on the situation of COVID-18 (other venues: Soninowa no daidokoro katte, Urushi Base Nenrin)

*Only open for the weekends, and national holidays.

All seasons
At least 2, and at most 4
Japanese / English
Grouped price


  • 2 people21,600
  • 3 people26,400
  • 4 people31,200

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    ・旅行開始日の20日前~8日前 : 旅行代金の20%
    ・旅行開始日の7日前~2日前 : 旅行代金の30%
    ・旅行開始日の前日 : 旅行代金の40%
    ・旅行開始日の当日 : 旅行代金の50%
    ・旅行開始後及び無連絡不参加 : 旅行代金の100%