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Walking at Saijobo Waterfall

Walking at Saijobo Waterfall

[Waterfall walk] A peaceful verdant valley with crystal clear water. In the past there was a temple called Saijobo nearby, and its students would come purify their bodies at the waterfall before coming to worship the spirit of the buddhist deity Fudō Myōō.
Enjoy the waterfalls of varying sizes and get up close to the stunning basalt pillars created by volcanic activity long ago.
This is a mountain trail. Please wear clothing appropriate for trekking. A hat and clothes that cover the arms and legs are recommended.

At least 2, and at most 5
Hard activities
Guide included (Upgradable to a paid guide)
Pick up
Grouped price


  • 2〜5 people19,500

※Not intended for children aged 12 and under.



Arrive at Kizunano sato center

Meet your guide and we will take you to Kintsuba Shrine by car.
*Kizunano sato center is a 3 minutes walk from Taroji bus stop.

*Please contact us if you would like to purchase a round-trip bus ticket from Taroji bus stop to Nabari station


Walking at Saijobo waterfall

A village guide will walk you through the mountains where you can look aroung the majestic columnar joints of the volcanic terrain formed over 19 million years ago, seasonal plants and nature.

Please enjoy the various waterfalls.


Superb panoramic view from the top of Mt. Tateoka

A hidden spot only known to some locals. Enjoy the spectacular view of Soni Village from the top of the mountain.


End the tour at Kizunano sato center

*Please contact us if you would like to purchase a bus ticket from Taroji bus stop to Nabari station

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