Just two & half hours from Nagoya or Osaka.
Hidden in a beautiful mountain valley surrounded by dramatic ravines
Soni Village.


Magnificent Byobuiwa, Mt. Yoroi and Mt. Kabuto,
Shaped by the wind over 130 million years.
Fields of pampas grass that gleam gold in the Autumn.

Soni Experience makes the best of nature and rural life
To provide freedom and healing

Soni Village

Answer the call of the highland winds and
visit Soni where nature permeates every part of daily life

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  • 曽爾高原


    Retreat experiences In a land where nature is worshiped take a journey of healing. A journey away from your normal routine. Why not try a lush retreat that energizes body and soul. See experiencesExperience it
  • ねんりん

    Art & CultureArt & Culture

    Artistic & cultural experiences It’s impossible to talk about Soni without talking about traditional arts and culture. Take the opportunity to polish your creativity and sensibility through our fascinating artistic and cultural experiences. A journey that opens your mind to new possibilities. See experiences
Experience it
  • 曽爾エクスペリエンス

    Food & FarmFood & Farm

    Food and farm experiences Taste the bounty of soil. Food experiences that provide nourishment for body and soul. Going back to the soil and getting closer to nature is just part of the charm that you can’t find in the city. See experiencesExperience it
  • 済浄坊の滝

    Wild NatureWild Nature

    Nature experiences Leave things to mother nature and nourish your soul in the fields of pampas grass. Lush green in Summer. Gleaming gold in Autumn. Silver under the star-filled heavens. The mountain spring water that wells from the Soni Highlands. Stunning views of Mt. Kuroso towards Mie, Soni is packed with natural wonders for you to explore. See experiencesExperience it


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●2月10日(金)味噌×榧の実ナッツ ~カオマンガイ~

●2月27日(月)味噌×榧の実ナッツ ~カオマンガイ~

👳🏽‍♀️時間: 各回 9:10〜12:20(11:20にWS終了後、昼食で1時間)
👳🏽‍♀️定員: 各回4~10名
👳🏽‍♀️参加費: おひとり様4,000円(昼食込)
👳🏽‍♀️お品書き: タイ料理(メイン)、タイデザート、ドリンク




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