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Situated in the east of Nara prefecture in an area called Okuyamato is Soni Village, with a population of 1400 people. This small village is rich in culture and traditional wisdom which is rooted in the land and long history of settlement in the area. This local wisdom holds the key to more harmonious living.
Since April 2020 we at Soninowa Glocal work together with the villagers to share these precious local resources with domestic and overseas travelers through informative hands-on tours and programs, as well as educational programs centered on around designing sustainable solutions to issues facing the village.

Our values

Public & private sector cooperation
Regional development

We believe in living gracefully by making the most of our precious local resources and not wasting anything. We think this local wisdom and quality of life offers important lessons for our globalized world obsessed with efficiency and convenience. Together we want to unravel this local wisdom and make waves across the world. This is the meaning behind our name.

Business activities

Providing tourism content rooted in the local land and lifestyle
Experiential tour programs aimed at inbound tourists
Educational program about learning from the region and thinking about the future

The experience and educational programs that we offer include a traditional lion dance that has been passed down for three hundred years, our bedrock industry, agricultural activity, the cultivation of pampas grass in the Soni Highlands that in turn supported the thatched roof culture, all which things which we have continued over the ages as a matter of course. As a company with roots in this village, we searched out our own unique perspective and used it to develop our programs. Through these programs we are able to provide a deeper more meaningful experience of the village while also providing a small economic contribution to the villagers so that we can pass on this way of life for generations to come. This is not about just providing fun for tourists but about benefiting both visitors and locals alike through a model of sustainable tourism proving opportunities to make new discoveries

Company name

General Inc. Association Soninowa Glocal


Soni Village Regional Center 62 Ooaza Nagano Soni Village Uda Nara



Operating hours

9:00 - 17:00


Sat.Sun.National Holiday


April 1st, 2020

Registration number

Nara prefectural government registered area 220

Service name

SONI Experience

Service details

Destination tourism, educational tourism planning, arrangement & implementation, regional promotion activities etc.

Sales representative

Hidekazu Shibata (Representative director)

Travel agency business handling manager

Yoshitaka Hirabata (director)

Standard General Conditions of Travel Agency Business

Soninowa Glocal Company abides by the standard general conditions of travel agency business
Amended March 2nd 2020 Applies from April 1st 2020

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