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About the handling of personal information

At Soninowa Glocal company (, hereafter ‘this site’) we strictly abide by laws protecting personal information and exercise necessary caution in handling of personal information.

About the use of personal information

We place the privacy of our customers above all else on our site.
We exercise the strictest caution in collecting and storing customers’ personal information. Except in the case where that information is requested for legal reasons or in order to protect our rights or property we will never share personal information with third parties. The information you provide us in your booking will only be used for the purpose of your travel.

About our use of cookies

We analyze access to this site using Google Analytics and analytics. Cookies are stored on the user’s computer when they visit the site. Personal information that could identify the visitor such as username or email address is not stored. If you do not wish for data from these cookies to be used you can change the settings in your browser. However please note that doing so maybe cause parts of this site to not work correctly. Please see Google Policies for more information.


While we endeavor to ensure all content and information displayed on this site is accurate, there is a chance of outdated or inaccurate information is shown. For that reason the content & information on this site may be subject to change or removal at any time without notice. Please understand we take no responsibility for damages suffered as a result of content on this site.

Last updated:December 20, 2020

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