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Harvesting seasonal vegetables & making home made pizza at a villager’s garden (BABA garden)

Harvesting seasonal vegetables & making home made pizza (at BABA garden)

Harvesting seasonal vegetables with our neighborly friendly local, known as BABA (meaning, "GRANDMA", in Japanese).

This is a private tour all just for your group.

Custom your pizza by putting the freshly harvested vegetables on top. The hand made pizza dough will be prepared, so you can shape it into any shape you want! Enjoy the time making the pizza with BABA! You can experience the leisurely and luxurious life of Soni Village while eating a tasty and baked original pizza.

Seasonal side dishes may be served as well depending on the day.

The place will take place at BABA garden, a nice tranquil neighborhood inside the village just a 5 minute drive from the meeting point.

You can expect communicating with the locals through an english guide while breezing in the quiet area.

All seasons
At least 2, and at most 4
Guide included
Pick up
Grouped price


  • 2 people28,900
  • 3 people29,190
  • 4 people29,840

-The price is the total for per group (it differs by the numbers of participants). -English guide and transportation will be included.



Meet at the Soni Village Office Entrance (Sonimura Yakuba)

Meet your English guide here!

The bus stops right in front of the place (both buses from Nabari station and Haibara station)

If you are coming to the village by car, you can park here for free.

We will take you to the harvest field by our charted car.


Welcome to BABA Garden!

The old lady, known as BABA (meaning, "GRANDMA" in Japanese) will greet your group to her sweet vegetable field.

Enjoy interacting with the bright and happy BABA, and make yourself like home!


Start harvesting

Harvest the seasonal vegetables
(Carrots, cabbage, baby leaves, and many other seasonal vegetables.)

Get ready to put the fresh veggies on top of your pizza!

■Seasonal harvest examples
Spring: edible wild plants, Sansai.
Summer: Blueberry
Autumn: Sweet potato moat and rice
Winter: Yuzu citrus and kiwi


Making your original delicious home made pizza

After spreading the handmade pizza dough into a circle, put the freshly picked vegetables on top of the pizza.

You can choose which vegetables to put on your pizza. The Japanese style pizza can also have whitebait(shirasu), lotus root, green onion. Or if you like it sweet, maybe put on the blueberry and cheese.

Cheese and pizza source will be included. If you're lucky, depending on the season, you can also make desert pizza with fruits and chocolate on top!


Into the pizza oven! Grill it over charchoal.

After you finish decorating your pizza, grill it in the pizza oven! Turn it around sometimes so it gets baked in balance. It won't take much time till it's ready for eating.

Harvesting seasonal vegetables & making home made pizza at a villager's garden (BABA garden)Harvesting seasonal vegetables & making home made pizza at a villager's garden (BABA garden)

Bon appettite!

Enjoy the meal with seasonal side dishes !

Chatting with BABA will also fulfill your stay!
Feel free to ask about village life and about BABA's experiences in life.


Back to the Soni Village office

We will take you back to the starting point.

You can ride the bus back to the station ( Nabari or Haibara station), or pick up your car here.

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